Hey! Thanks for stopping by.

Hey!  Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's A New Day and a New Blog

People say to me "Sharon, why don't you ever update your Blog?" And I say, "Good question. Don't know. Guess I'll do it when I'm ready."

Sometimes when I want to work out more I go out and buy new workout clothes. When I want to Blog more frequently I redesign my blog. Does this theory make sense to anyone but me? So, welcome to my new and improved Blog. Okay--my skills are limited, but it's better than it was.

Allow me to step up onto my soap box. I think, because I wrote a book, I put a lot of pressure on myself to have an arc to my blog writing. It must be well developed, have a beginning, a middle and an end and ultimately have a theme. A little morsel for the reader to take with them as they float back out into cyber space.

I think this kind of perfectionism is slowing me up, so I'm not gonna do it. I'm not. Can't make me. But be warned...this may just be dribble. A frothy way to pass the time, kinda like watching a Friends rerun for the 49th time. What are you going to get out of it? Maybe nothing. But still, it's a fun way to pass the time.

Okay...what did I do today? First of all, I went off my diet. It's so stupid that I was even on a diet to begin with. I wrote an entire book about self acceptance and overcoming weight issues...I even give my clothing size in my book (I'm a 12). See, I just did it again. No one wants people to know their size, but I tell everyone. I'm a size 12, size 12, size 12. Hi! My name is Sharon and I'm a size 12. I used to be a size four, but I was also a size 22. Now I'm a 12. How are you?

So I quit eating flour and sugar for about 6 weeks because I found some book called The No Sugar, No Flour Diet. I actually paid $14.95 of my hard earned unemployment money on this book, just to find out that all the information I needed was on the cover. No flour, no sugar. That's the diet. I didn't even have to open the book. I didn't even need to take it off the shelf. All the information was right there for me on the cover. But, I buy things. That's what I do. God Bless America.

So, I went off sugar and flour mostly because my friend Brynn has started to eat only raw food and that seems so healthy...I didn't want to go raw (that's just CRAZY...I need things COOKED!) but I decided that I did need to be healthier and I love sugar and flour. Especially together... my favorite food is a chocolate cupcake. A sugar and flour festival.

So I starved myself off of sugar and flour, and it was hard. HARD, I tell you! Halloween was torture. After a while, I was so proud of myself for cutting out sugar and flour that I started to add things in...things that aren't sugar or flour....like potatoes (meaning french fries) and corn (meaning tortilla chips). Brynn eats nuts all the time and she's skinny...I think I'll eat nuts...you get the point, and you won't be surprised by the outcome. Yeah, I didn't lose any weight. Not a pound.

So to say that I "went off" my diet is actually deceiving considering that I eliminated french fries and tortilla chips and put back cereal and light bread.

This is why I don't diet anymore. I'm a lunatic.

So the other thing I did today (after having a "light" English muffin--which tasted sooo good) was I had an audition for THE LITTLE MERMAID which is soon to be on Broadway. I don't know when it's coming to Broadway--don't ask me--if I get the job I'll see the dates on my contract and until then I don't need to know. I think I did well--I don't want to speculate--but I sang three songs and I was told that I was "very entertaining." I'll keep you posted on the outcome.

Tomorrow I am off to Moravian College in Bethlehem PA to do a speaking engagement. I'm very excited to go--Bethlehem should be all decked out for Christmas and the campus looks gorgeous from the website. I am going to speak about bringing out the best qualities of yourself. I think my best quality is that I can say "I am a proud size 12 and occasionally I love a good chocolate cupcake."

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