Hey! Thanks for stopping by.

Hey!  Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 begins

Right now I am procrastinating. Well, procrastinating and also hiding. Please don't tell my husband Rob. He thinks I am going through boxes and organizing. In truth, the cat and I are hiding behind the boxes and I am writing this.

Currently, I am unemployed for a while and Rob is still on break from teaching at Pace University, and in our boredom, we tend to deal with things differently. I watch TV and talk on the phone and try not to constantly eat. Rob, on the other hand, goes into hyper speed. In fact, except for sleeping, I don't think he has sat down since we got out of the car at 6pm last night. I think it's called being PROACTIVE. And I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to do it too.

And now, I would like to list everything Rob and I have done in the 20 hours we have been home from Christmas break.

1. We drove 7 hours in the rain, got a perfect parking spot in front of our apartment and began to unpack our extremely-squished-full-of-presents car. I wanted to leave things down in the hall for a while and slowly carry them up the 5 flights of steps over the course of an hour. Yes, you read that right. 5 flights of steps. I though this was reasonable (who wants to have a heart attack on the first day of the new year?) and I didn't say what I really wanted to do, which was hire someone to carry everything up 5 flights of steps. In our unemployed state, I didn't think Rob would go for it. In fact, he didn't go for the "let's slowly carry things up" idea either. Nope--we huffed and puffed all of Santa's sleigh up the 92 steps. I kept yelling for Prancer and Dancer and Comet and Vixen to please come help, but I'm pretty sure they went to Jamaica.

2. We took down the Christmas tree. This was actually a necessity considering that there were only about 6 needles left on the tree and HUGE FIRE HAZARD was dancing like visions of sugar plums through my head. So, within a half an hour of unloading, Rob carried the item formerly known as our Christmas tree down the 5 flights of steps and out onto the street.

3. Rob set up his new website http://www.broadwaymp3.com/ where he will play an audition song onto an mp3 file for all us wanna be actors to download onto our ipods and learn for auditions. He even set up a pay pal account. While he was being wildly productive and opening his own business, I set up the playstation 2 and played we love katamari.

4. Rob took Charlotte to school at 8:15, and then he and I got back in the car and drove to Whole Foods in Ft. Lee, NJ where we stocked up on all of our New Years resolution foods. While we pushed the cart around the store, I mentioned something blah, blah, blah exercise, blah, blah, blah, we should do it....and as soon as we got back to our apartment (yes...and carried the $250 worth of groceries up, up, up the 5 flights of stairs) Rob goes and changes into sweat pants. "For what?" I asked. "To go exercise. Like you said." He replies. Did I say that????? Wasn't carrying up the groceries exercise? So, we go to the park and actually go RUNNING around the reservoir. He was totally exhilarated. I called my two closest friends to tell them this miracle had actually occurred and I'd even lived to call them.

5. After a quick and healthy lunch, Rob showers and decides it's time to tackle the reorganization of out life. Ugh. So, I pack up the Christmas decorations, and he starts on Charlotte's room, specifically her closet. Box after box comes out--the very boxes I am now hiding behind.

The cat has retreated to the couch where she is in a deep sleep, all curled up in a ball. As tempted as I am to join her, I guess I'll sign off for now and try to keep putting one foot in front of the other until somebody calls me with a job. That's the only way out of this.

Here's to a healthy, organized, employed 2007!

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