Hey! Thanks for stopping by.

Hey!  Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, December 18, 2006

And all that actor jazz

Here are my new head shots, shot by Jordan Matter.

There is a new trend in New York to have color head shots instead of the age-old black and whites. It looks strange to me, but they've become a necessity. In truth, I guess they've started to grow on me, I actually like that they show my eye color. In my opinion, getting head shots taken and then choosing the correct shot ranks #1 on the narcissism barometer. It's a lot of looking at yourself, scrutinizing every pore, and then asking your friends to do the same.

I am in such a weird business.

I found out that I didn't get an acting job I really wanted today and I am having an "I'm going to quit the business" day. These days, the "I'm going to quit the business" days are very common among most actors, and they always seem to follow an unsuccessful audition. There's nothing worse than getting very close to a job and then finding out you didn't get it. On these days it's like getting the flu--you catch it for a few days, there's nothing you can do to get rid of it, and you have to just let it run it's course. I find the best remedy is a phone call from my agent that I have another big audition for a show that I'm "perfect"for.

I sometimes wonder if I'll ever really quit the business. My friends tease me "You always say your quitting the business! You'll never do it!"

The truth is that they are right. Even though I get the "I'm going to quit the business" flu, the truth is that I honestly love what I do for a living, even when it hurts, feels unfair, and threatens to decimate my self esteem. If I didn't love it, I don't know who I'd be. That's just who I am. Sharon Wheatley, actress.

Besides, I can't quit the business. I have a stack of 200 brand new, bright and shiny color head shots.
Okay. I'll give it 200 headshots longer. More or less.

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