Hey! Thanks for stopping by.

Hey!  Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Beatrix Eats!!

Today we will have a guest host blogger. Charlotte Meffe. Heeeeere's Charlotte!

I loved feeding Beatrix this morning. She just spit the food out and looked at me like I was crazy. She spit it out and put it everywhere. She put it on me, on her, on the high chair, everywhere. And I mean everywhere you can think of. It was easy to find on you, it was orange, sweet potato. I tasted it, even if I knew it would not be good... It really tasted good and bad. It was like mashed sweet potato with water added. Here are 2 videos of her 1st day of eating real food!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Milwaukee wrap up and future performing news

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is the final installment of my trip to Milwaukee. We did finally arrive home, after flying through a break in tornados, 6 hours late only to wait in line at LaGuardia for an hour. Actual in bed time: 3am.

But, it was so worth it. Special thanks to my fellow vlog co-stars Jacob Brent and Farah Alvin.

Thank you so much for watching all the installments of my video-blog and I hope to bring you more soon. Tomorrow I help fellow cast members of Avenue Q ring in the opening bell of the Nasdeq, so I'll try to video a little of that.

Just to explain--I can't really show you very much performance video footage due to very strict union guidelines. I wish I could!

The next day I started rehearsal for AVENUE Q in New York. If you are interested, I will be performing in AVENUE Q this summer for these scheduled dates:

As Mrs. T/Yellow Bear on July 20th (both shows)
Tuesday July 22nd and Thursday 24th at 8 pm
Saturday July 26th (both shows)

I will play Kate Monster/Lucy on Friday August 29th 8pm
Saturday August 30th (both shows)
Sunday August 31st (both shows)

For tickets visit www.avenueq.com

Also, to my sweet Aunt Barbie in Akron. I love you, I'm thinking about you, and I hope you are hanging in there. And, I hope all these glimpses into my life help you through rough days. The videos are kind of silly, I know, but they are all for you.



Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Something to make you smile

Hi Everyone,

Rob and Charlotte left today for Vermont to do Les Miserables at The Weston Playhouse. Yep, Charlotte is in the show, playing Little Cosette and Rob is music directing. I was going to join them in the show, but I stayed in New York with Beatrix to do Avenue Q.

Last night, nervous about starting rehearsal, Charlotte asked me if I thought she was a good singer. "Very good!" I said.
"Do you think I'll grow up and be a singer?" she asked. I told her I thought she was talented in many ways and that I felt certain she would do something wonderful with her life. "Really, Mommy?" she asked. I explained that she has so many talents it's hard to know what she'll do. "Sometimes you just have to wait and see why you were put on this earth." I said.

Charlotte looked me in the eye and said very seriously, "Mom. I know why I was put on this earth. Comedy."

Naturally I broke out in a huge laugh and she looked at me, still very seriously, even as my eyes watered with laughter and said, "See?"

So, I present for you....Charlotte Meffe and her very best audience, Beatrix.

Written By: Charlotte Meffe
Performed by: Charlotte Meffe
Enjoyed by: Beatrix Jane Meffe
Filmed by: Their Mother
Date: July 7, 2008


Thursday, July 03, 2008

Milwaukee Part 8


I'm so sorry, I've been really busy at work and with Beatrix so I haven't taken the time to upload more videos. I hope everyone is doing well and a special hug and kiss to someone who might be reading this blog who needs extra TLC. (You know who you are) xo.

Watch this video first, this is the cute Chapter 6 boys at intermission:

Here's #2. Please forgive my buxom-ness, it's just the way the dress is built. I had no idea or I would have stood the whole time!! This was after the concert when we were selling stuff, farah and Chapter 6 sells CD's and I sold books. Yes, it's true, someone called me "Chubby" while I signed a book. It was mortifying!

I hope you are all well and have a safe and healthy 4th of July.


Sophomore Year

Sophomore Year
My weight was going up and up...

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine
I guess I'm about 3 or so? Nice tan!