Hey! Thanks for stopping by.

Hey!  Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm joining the Broadway Company of Avenue Q


Great news! As of June 9th, 2008 I will be a permanent member of AVENUE Q on Broadway. This is a show I love and I am honored, delighted, thrilled and grateful to get to play on AVENUE Q every night. I am a standby/swing for Kate Monster/Lucy and Mrs. T/Yellow Bear, so I will give a heads up when I am going on.


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Day In May Life

It's Tony voting season here on the great White Way, and as a Tony Voter, every May I play the "how-to-see-every-new-show-without-neglecting-my-children" game. The addition of Beatrix has added a new member to consider and here's a picture after the matinee today. Rob and I are outside of the show we saw today, SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE. Beatrix was dropped off by her babysitter, and I'm off to hop on the bus to pick up Charlotte from her playdate at her friend Rosamund's, then onto the subway, dinner, baths, piano practice, currency project, bottles, diapers....tra la, its May!!

Last night was CRY BABY, tomorrow I'm going to see a PASSING STRANGE. Saturday is IN THE HEIGHTS and Sunday GREASE, both with Charlotte. Fun, fun.

By the way, I still can't spill the good news, but I will soon. No, I'm not pregnant!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

A little shout out of love to someone who needs a smile.

Feel better soon. I love you!

News, news, news...lots of news.

I will be singing with The Milwaukee Symphomy for four performances of The Nifty Fifties, The golden Age of Black and White. Dates are June 6,7 and 8th.

I have more good news, but I can't officially announce it yet. Soon, soon.

Sophomore Year

Sophomore Year
My weight was going up and up...

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine
I guess I'm about 3 or so? Nice tan!